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If you’ve been working with Jay Allen for a while, you’ll already know that he uses call tracking a lot in his business and encourages any business owner serious about growing their business to do the same. Jay says:

It used to be a well worn saying: ‘Half my advertising works and half doesn’t, but I just don’t know which is which’ and in 1933 when this quote was first used, it was a valid.

But times have moved on and it is now a phrase that can only be used by those people who haven’t heard of Tracking Numbers. With Tracking Numbers we can get a pretty good handle on most, if not all, of our advertising.”

How does call tracking work?

It's really simple. It can be set up in three easy steps and only takes minutes:

1. Choose a set of new telephone numbers.

2. Point the new numbers at your existing phone number using our online dashboard. Don’t worry, nothing changes on your existing phone lines, you’ll still receive calls from your existing customers on your normal business number.

3. Now you give every advert, every bit of marketing, a unique telephone number. For example, one number for your business cards, one for your website, one for an advert in the new local newspaper, one in Yellow Pages and so on…..

And you’re done. Everything else stays the same. You continue to receive calls on your existing phone as normal and you answer it in the same way.

But now there’s one important difference. You can log into our online dashboard at any time and instantly see how many calls you’ve received on any of your tracking numbers. If you’ve just spent several hundreds of pounds on an advert in your local newspaper, doesn’t it make sense to find out how many leads that advert has generated? This information is priceless!
What about visitor level call tracking to your website? Yep, we can do that too. Just add a bit of code to your website and you’ll be able to see how people came to your website and track phone call conversions in Google. Essential for optimising your PPC campaigns.

Next Steps?

We have an amazing offer for all My True North clients! We’ll set you up with up to 10 tracking numbers subscription FREE for 3 MONTHS!
To take advantage of the offer, you can do one of TWO things:
  • You can sign up online RIGHT NOW! Go to our call tracking page, choose your numbers and enter the promotional code MYTRUENORTH on checkout.
  • If you’d prefer to speak to one of our team to talk you through the process and help you select numbers, then simply enter your details in the adjacent box and we’ll call you back.

Still unsure about how call tracking can work for your business or need advice on the best numbers to choose and how to set them up?

Request a call back from one of our friendly sales team!

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“It’s a fantastic service – and at last, I know which bit of my marketing actually works.”

Invoco’s weekly report remains the sexiest message I get all week: and lets me know what makes my phone ring! And some weeks- it’s surprising… It’s a fantastic service – and at last, I know which bit of my marketing actually works.

Mark Chase
Lemon Chase
4th February 2017