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Invoco API Released

For many years now we’ve been building telephony integrations into a variety of cloud-based applications such as CRM’s, Helpdesk apps, cloud-storage apps, etc., which is great for our users of course but what if you’ve developed your own app and you’d like access to your Invoco data within your app?

Perhaps you’re running a marketing agency and you’d like to get your Invoco calls reported on your marketing campaigns? Or a service business that would like to get your calls logged against your contact records in your bespoke CRM?

That’s not been possible… until now. We’ve now launched the Invoco API so you can start to interrogate your call data from within your owns systems.

It’s pretty basic at the moment but we’ll be adding more functionality over the coming months based on feedback we get from our users.

As usual, we’d love to get your feedback and to see what cool applications you’re developing!

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