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Invoco's Integration with Clio Manage

Clio Manage is a cloud-based legal practice management software that makes running your firm, organizing cases, and collaborating with clients from one place possible. Hopefully, integrating Clio Manage with your Invoco system will make things even easier.

So what does it do?

Creating new contacts and updating existing contact records

When you receive  a call from a number we’ll do a real-time lookup into your Clio database and:

The call details will take a few minutes to appear within each contact. This will give you a comprehensive call history for your contacts with absolutely no extra work! 

Desktop call notifications with real-time lookups into your Clio Manage system

See who’s calling you in real-time with desktop notifications linked to your system. Clicking on the notification will take you straight into the contact record! If the caller is new, you’ll first see an unclickable notification, then after about 30 seconds, a clickable one will appear (check out the video below for a visual explanation of this).

And if you’re using the Invoco Hosted PBX system, enabling the contact lookup feature in your Invoco settings will even display the caller’s name and number on your Invoco VoIP phone.

How to set up the integration between Invoco and Clio Manage

Still unsure about how it all works or just need some advice?

Request a call back from one of our friendly sales team!

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