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Forward calls from a Yealink T19

In some instances, you may wish to temporarily divert calls from your Yealink to another number. You can divert calls to any mobile, landline or extension number directly from your Yealink.

On the handset, press the Menu followed by Features, followed by Call Forwarding.

Select from the options of Always, Busy or No Answer (Always = always, Busy = Engaged, No Answer = failover/no answer)

Once you have selected the preferred type of call forward, toggle ON/OFF on the forward or in the box below add/change/remove the target number that the calls will be forwarded onto.

To activate the forward, either head into the above menu and toggle ON/OFF or simply press the TRAN key on the handset while it is idle. To show it is enabled, a small arrow will appear on the display.

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