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Exporting your Invoco Call Data

How to export your call data to a .csv file spreadsheet.

Liking the call data you can get on the fly from the Invoco portal, but want to export it into a .csv file? No problem, here’s how in a couple of simple steps.

Step 1

Selecting the date range for calls to Export

Head to the Calls page of your Invoco Portal


To control what call data you’d like to export, use the filter options toward the top.

Date Range – Select the dates between which you’d like to export call data.

Search – Only want calls from one number in particular? Enter the number or description in the search field.

Direction / Status – Select which calls you’d like to export, inbound/outbound and answered/unanswered.

Step 2

Exporting the Call Data

Once you’ve selected the dates, numbers, and filters – just hit ‘export’ and a download will begin for a .csv file containing all calls within your search filters.

Step 3

Viewing the Call Data

Opening the .csv file we can see a familiar layout not so different from the calls page, showing all the valuable pieces of information.

Job done!

Should you run into any problems whilst following this guide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

01527 306001 [email protected]

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