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Marcus Rockey, Founder

Business Type:

Automative Sector

CarVeto have been customers of ours for around 3 years, so are very familiar with how our services work. Marcus Rockey, the founder of CarVeto, has kindly provided us with a testimonial.

Hi Marcus! How did you come across Invoco and what do you use us for currently?

“I came across Invoco after searching for well-priced service that would fit our needs. We use Invoco for their numbers, to track phone calls and our call whispering services. We use a handful of phone numbers to support the different regions we work in across the UK. One handy feature has been switching numbers on and off as needed, a useful tool as we offer services in different regions at different times. Tied in with the feature is voice mailed messages in case a customer wanted to get in touch, and we neglected to send out new contact information. Invoco email us the voice mail and we respond to our customers right away.”

For many businesses, having the functionality to be able to fiddle with numbers and track calls as the business travels throughout the UK is really important, which we can easily offer with virtual numbers or landlines – we’re glad it’s working out well!

Do you have any feedback for us?

“Good comments only – we really like Invoco’s online chat and helpful staff, who have fixed minor issues as we move along”. I do recommend Invoco for any small or medium-sized business that wants an affordable solution.” 

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