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Admin24 (UK) Ltd


Admin24 (UK) Ltd

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Pat Gibson, Founder

Business Type:

Virtual Assistants

Pat Gibson, a Virtual Assistant business owner, knows firsthand the enormous benefits of using a company like Invoco. Pat uses Invoco’s phone systems to provide flexibility for her business and the service is working incredibly well for her. With a broad spectrum of clients to work for, Invoco enables Pat to specify individual numbers for her VA clients and to attach a call whisper for each one of those numbers. This means that when Pat answers her clients’ calls, she automatically announces the correct business name; displaying a professional image in the process.

“This has come as a massive bonus to my company”, says Pat, “My clients are happier and I am more confident with the image I am conveying. I couldn’t be without Invoco now!”

But Pat hasn’t always had such positive experiences with telecoms companies. In fact, before being introduced to Invoco, she had vowed never to use a telecoms company ever again!

“I had such a terrible ordeal with a previous company, that I was absolutely adamant that I would never use one again!” Pat recalls.

“I was left without phone lines for 3 days and my company inevitably suffered as a result. At that point, I had an extremely negative opinion of telecom companies so it really is a credit to Invoco that I think so highly of them. Their service is beyond comparison and they have completely changed my perception of the industry.”

So what was it about Invoco that transformed Pat’s views? “Honesty, integrity and a commitment to the customer”, says Pat. When she initially (admittedly sceptically) discussed her requirements with Jeremy, she was reassured by his friendly, transparent and helpful approach. Unlike the previous companies Pat had dealt with, Jeremy showed a keen interest in her specific requirements and suggested tailored solutions based around her business needs.

Speaking of her first impressions of Invoco, Pat said, “I was impressed by the way in which Jeremy made the effort to understand my business and how honest he was in how he could help me. It came as a much welcomed relief to talk to a company who genuinely had my best interests at heart. And the fact that they were cost effective with no “tie ins” didn’t go down too badly either!”

Pat is now a long-term and happy Invoco customer.

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