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Client: CarVeto

Contact Name: Marcus Rockey, Founder

Business Type: Automotive Sector

CarVeto have been customers of ours for around 3 years, so are very familiar with how our services work. Marcus Rockey, the founder of CarVeto, has kindly provided us with a testimonial. Hi Marcus! How did you come across Invoco and what do you use us for currently? “I came across Invoco after searching for […]

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Admin 24

Admin24 (UK) Ltd

Client: Admin24 (UK) Ltd

Contact Name: Pat Gibson, Founder

Business Type: Virtual Assistants

Pat Gibson, a Virtual Assistant business owner, knows firsthand the enormous benefits of using a company like Invoco. Pat uses Invoco’s phone systems to provide flexibility for her business and the service is working incredibly well for her. With a broad spectrum of clients to work for, Invoco enables Pat to specify individual numbers for […]

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AP Insurance

AP Insurance

Client: Andrew Phillips Insurance Brokers Ltd

Contact Name: Andrew Phillips, Founder

Business Type: Insurance Broker

Find out how this Invoco client saves an extortionate amount on office phone bills in this interesting interview: Hi Andrew. As a business owner, how has using Invoco improved the operation of your company? “We work from serviced offices and at one point I was becoming increasingly concerned over expensive outgoing call charges. Because our […]

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Assista Consulting

Assista Consulting

Client: Assista Consulting

Contact Name: Jane Wilcox, Senior Staff

Business Type: Specialist Consultants to the NHS

For over a year Invoco has been helping the smooth running of specialist NHS Consultants, Assista Consulting. In the words of senior staff member, Jane Wilcox, Invoco’s services are a consistent “asset to the company”. Since implementing Call Tracking Numbers, their office phone system and TIM Sales Leaderboards, the management at Assista are able to […]

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Green Gorilla Apps

Green Gorilla Apps

Client: Green Gorilla Apps Ltd

Contact Name: Paul Rhodes, Founder

Business Type: Bespoke App Development

Discover how one Invoco client totally transformed his business with Call Tracking Numbers and a VoIP Phone and line… Hi Paul, how did you first hear of Invoco and what attracted you to their services? “I first met Jeremy through the Entrepreneurs’ Circle. At the time, my business was operating on standard handsets and I […]

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Client: World Wide Magazine Distribution Ltd

Contact Name: Barry Allaway, Managing Director

Business Type: Magazine Distribution and Logistics

As a successful business owner, you must get introduced to many new companies. What first attracted you to use Invoco? “It was as if fate brought me to Invoco’s services. I first met Jeremy through local contacts at a time when I was looking for a system to track my telephone leads. Jeremy explained the […]

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